The Angels Tour Announcement

November 8th, 2012

The Angels - 100%The Angels are set for a 2013 tour that will blow minds across the nation!

The Angels 100% Tour brings together five former and present members of The AngelsBob Spencer and James Morley on Guitars, Jim Hilbun on Bass, Buzz Bidstrup on Drums and of course Doc Neeson up front, who despite all being instrumental in the success of The Angels, have never shared the stage as this line up!

Having never left the band, founding singer and galvanising frontman, Doc Neeson, has hand picked the finest ‘Angels’ in the band’s 38 year history to create what is set to be the greatest Angels line up to date, winding back the clock to bring you a truly authentic Angels experience akin to that of the 80’s. The 6’4, Irish-born gent is not only the face of The Angels but the only present member that has been there the entire 38 years, amassing millions of record sales worldwide and providing cathartic rights for generations of loving fans.

Doc Neeson:I am very excited about playing with the guys again on The Angels 100% tour. Everyone in this band is a great musician who has been in The Angels at some time in their careers. This band has a top pedigree and kicks ass! It’s been too long since our fans have heard the real thing. With this band they are going to get it. 100%. I can’t wait.”

Bob Spencer, gun guitar player and self-confessed ‘gig-junkie’, has blitzed Angels stages for seven and a half years so far. “I have fond memories of the energy of Angels gigs’, said the ex-Skyhook, ‘both from the band and the audience.’ Bob’s looking forward to ‘reliving and renewing’ that high. ‘Having spent the last few years in serenity, security, business and personal success and great family satisfaction, it’s time to mix things up and go on the road again!”

Versatile US-born Bass player, Jim Hilbun joined The Angels for an American ‘Angel City’ tour in 1982 and went on to spend 18 impressive years touring and recording with the band.I’m proud of my contribution to The Angels, and I’m looking forward to bangin’ the boards as a 100 percenter. To me, music hasn’t ever been about competition or politics, it’s about sharing a joyous experience with the players and the listeners… That, the chicks, and making a quid… hopefully!”

Known for his deft left hand swing and driving grooves, Graham ‘Buzz’ Bidstrup joined The Angels in 1976, playing with them as the band sweated their way to being arguably the biggest in Australia. His total time in the band is 11 years and counting and he is once again ready to continue the legacy of the band. “The Angels has been home to some very fine musicians in its nearly 40 years of gigging! Now I have the unique opportunity to play with three of those talented people who joined after I left but who were instrumental in forging their own part of The Angels history. This history continues to be written in 2013 with The Angels 100%.”

Joining The Angels in November ‘89, James Morley funnily enough played Bass on the band’s first number one national album Beyond Salvation. James is dying to get back on the road for The Angels 100% tour, where he switches from Bass to Guitar in this line up, giving him the opportunity to show his skills on his favoured instrument. “There’s a sense of pride … Coming off stage with The Angels, you’re always on a major high.”

The Angels 100%, coming to raise a roof near you.

Supporting The Angels on the 100% tour will be Brisbane’s Diva Demolition. Diva Demolition are a dynamic duo made up of Singer, Songwriter and Bass player Kylie Cowling and Guitarist Sherree Newton. The super powered girls and their Toy Boys will perform songs from their new album to be released in 2013.