Blood Sweat & Beers Australia Day Eve Concert

January 18th, 2018

Blood Sweat & Beers Australia Day Eve Concert

Music industry royalty, bring you, Blood Sweat & Beers – The Concert, an electric four-part show, blistering over 2.5 hours and covering the four corners of Aussie rock. This arsenal of heavy hitters is sure to set up your Australia Day weekend with a massive dose of your favourite rock anthems!

Blood Sweat & Beers – The Concert opens with ‘Marseille’, The Angels with Jim Hilbun on vocals and bass, then, Angry hits the stage for an explosive Rose Tattoo assault on the senses. A short break heads into Grant Walmsley on vocals and rhythm guitar with all the smash hits of the Screaming Jets including ‘Better’ written by Grant and released in 1991 and Triple M’s most played song in it’s history.

The show closes with Angry returning to the stage for a blistering set of AC/DC classics from the Bon Scott era with Mark Evans on bass.
This concert is the real deal with current and former members of AC/DC (Mark Evans), The Angels (Jim Hilbun), Rose Tattoo (Angry Anderson/Dai Pritchard), Screaming Jets (Grant Walmsley) and Greg Aldridge on drums. These industry legends have performed to millions of people, had dozens of hit singles in the ARIA charts, sold millions of albums & been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

Blood Sweat & Beers – The Concert have teamed up with Australia’s ‘Stone’s Original’ on the tour. The Stone’s range has been carefully crafted in Australia for over 60 years and the time honoured recipe remains largely unchanged since it was first produced in 1740. Stone’s is one of the world’s oldest surviving alcoholic beverage brands and as Angry would say: “A must have for every show”. For Angry, Stones Green Ginger Wine is a tradition that was introduced to him by Bon Scott back in the days of the Bondi Lifesaver.

The book, BLOOD SWEAT AND BEERS – OZ ROCK FROM THE AZTECS TO ROSE TATTOO begins in the late 1960s. Rose Tattoo somehow cranked everything up even higher and became the loudest, most threatening band to ever stalk the earth. Banned from the TV show Countdown, they often played in prisons, and occasionally had to fight, microphone stands in hand, to get out of the very venues they’d performed in. Then, of course, there were The Angels, Australia’s number-one live drawcard, who turned venues across the country into jam-packed paramilitary rallies. Against a backdrop of interviews with all the major Australian players and international heavyweights, one of Australia’s best-known rock writers, Murray Engleheart, hands out the earplugs and the morning-after aspirin with BLOOD SWEAT AND BEERS, a literally balls and all tour through the bar-brawling, riot-inducing and occasionally gun-toting Oz rock culture.

What an honour. Firstly writing Blood Sweat and Beers, the everything louder than everything else history of Oz rock. Then having that title adopted by a legendary bunch of blokes for a national tour that will see them blast out some of the greatest rock n roll ever made. Scripts don’t come no better than that.” – Murray Engleheart

Thursday 25th January – Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL

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