Rich Batsford – Album release

August 9th, 2012

Rich Batsford - Mindfulmess
In his native UK, Rich Batsford is known as a leading contemporary solo pianist/composer, an unlikely result for a booking agent in stand up comedy who until recently was a singer in a Beach Boys tribute band. Now, he is establishing himself as an exciting singer- songwriter with performances of his hypnotic and beguiling compositions and visionary song-craft spanning the globe.  He also pursues a spiritual practice as a Buddhist, which increasingly informs his music making.

Rich’s meditative piano music is an enchanting blend of minimalism and melody recalling Philip Glass and Erik Satie.  There is just enough repetition of each delightful motif to draw the listener in, the organic yet purposeful structures lead to moments of calm reflection, bittersweet joy and uplifting climaxes.

Now with his 2nd album release and debut album of songs, Rich creates a compelling and delightful blend of Ben Folds, Leonard Cohen and Brian Wilson.  Combining a natural ear for melody with exquisite vocal harmonies that are reflective, insightful lyrics ranging from the inspirational to the painfully honest.  All accompanied by his delicate trademark piano patterns.

Where ‘Valentine Court’ explored complex piano compositions of swirling intensity without vocal expression, ‘Mindfulmess’ transports the listener into an open book of poetic storytelling.  Rich says: ‘Mindfulmess’ is an album of songs reflecting from a midway point in a lifetime’s attempt to make sense of reality and live accordingly, with frequently mixed results”.

Rich is at home in intimate settings as well as big events such as The Big Chill Festival and Arts Fest (Main Stage), He co-founded the experimental network ‘Project X Presents’ acting as music director for five of their unique and massive omnimedia experiences as well as ‘Musituality’ a platform for musicians of various faiths, or none to share the beauty of their music together.

Rich releases his 2nd album ‘Mindfulmess’ on September 21 through his label, Mouflon Music.